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Ungrateful cur.  Lousy excuse of a human being.  Contemptible gasbag of an arrested adolescent.

A spokesman for a leading veterans organization criticized MSNBC’s Chris Hayes for arguing on his television show that that he’s “uncomfortable” describing American soldiers who died in battles as heroes.

Of course, the as MSNBC, so what, five people actually saw it? Nevertheless, today is the day we remember those who died so asshats Hayes and say what they want. Or perhaps Hayes would feel more comfortable in a place like – I don’t know… Cuba? Someplace that appreciates his Anti-Americanism.

And yes – fallen soldiers are heroes.  Progressive windbags not withstanding.

Because they gave their all, we have the blessings of liberty.

On a related note, the Washington (com)Post has a story up pointing out that that Obama will be at Arlington today trying to take credit for “honoring” our fallen soldiers.  I think when he sets his Chicago dirtied shoes on the sacred soil he desecrates that hallowed ground. If he wanted to to really honor our heroes he would stay away.  Apparently I am not the only one who thinks Obama is the “Commander-in-Chump.”

U.S. veterans, about 13% of the adult population and consisting mostly of older men, support Mitt Romney over Barack Obama for president by 58% to 34%, while nonveterans give Obama a four-percentage-point edge.

They know exactly what Obama is.  And they will vote.

Check out Ted Nugent’s admonition to “Teach your children freedom isn’t free” God knows the libturbs that run America’s schoolrooms and colleges won’t.


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Thanks Again, Veterans

Yesterday was a day to honor the men and women who wear and have worn the uniform for our country.  I just wanted to say thanks, one more time. 

When you travel this holiday season, take a moment when you see a service man or woman to tell them how much their service means to you.  It costs you nothing and the smile you get in return is more than recompense for the effort.  If you live near a National Cemetery, go pay your respects.  It’s not just Arlington.  There is one near you.

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Obama to Skip Arlington on Memorial Day; Off to Chicago Instead

That figures.  American Presidents do Memorial Day at Arlington.  Obama does not do Memorial Day at Arlington.  Of course, I have not believed he is an American President since, or about 48 hours after inauguration, so this does not surprise me.  I was suprised he showed up last year.

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Unlike the “outrage” of liberal media at Republicans encouraging hypocrites to stand down, this is an outrage

Richard Blumenthal, current attorney general of Connecticut, whom Chris Dodd made way for by retiring earlier this year, has repeatedly lied about being a US Marine who fought in Viet Nam. 

Allahpundit covers it well (as do a number of other blogs), but a few salient facts: 

 Tricky Dicky did enlist in the Marine Reserves.  He was never, ever anywhere near combat or, for that matter, ever overseas.  That makes this quote a damnable lie:

“We have learned something important since the days that I served in Vietnam,”

No, Dicky boy, you never served “in country” and you are a damnable liar for saying you have.  unlike you’re opponent, Rob Simmons who enlisted in the US Army as a “grunt” and was twice decorated for bravery (Bronze Star), you have no right at all to call yourself a veteran.

The only honorable thing to this asshat can do now is resign and go crawl into a cave never to be seen again.  Since he won’t may I suggest drawing and quartering followed by burning his stinking corpse on a pyre in the middle of Concord’s town square with the ashes scattered evenly throughout the state Conn.  Then you can prosecute him for impersonating a human being.

Of course, He isn’t the only one. 

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A Really Neat Project

Pin Ups for Vets is a really neat idea.  It harkens back to the glory days of WWII pinups (whish means all the pictures show no more skin than you would see in a typical shopping mall!). 

All the money raised by this goes to help fund rehabilitation of our wounded veterans.

h/t Instapundit

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