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From Mickey Kaus:

Why would GM cut R & D, the source of its future growth, in order to show profits in the short run? Is something happening in, say, November, for which the 26%-government-owned entity might want its balance sheet to look artificially rosy?
GM (aka Goverment Motors) would never, ever cook its books to make Obumbler look good, would they?  I mean, after all, it’s not like the US Taxpayer has more than a 26% interest in the company and Obama’s union goon squad needs employers to pay their outrageously lucrative contracts and pensions…
Of course, wouldn’t it be shocking to learn that someone in the Obama Administration influenced this timely change in corporate spending priorities… “That’s a nice little car company you have there.  Be a shame if something happened to it…”

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Emily Miller, a young editor at the Washington Times who I am increasingly admiring, has a column up talking about “Clipping the lame duck” a movement rumbling in Congress to prevent Al-Obama from passing costly new Federal Regulations during a lame duck session.

While both parties are guilty of shoving through regulations in the last months of a presidency, this administration’s track record of creating expensive dictates is what worries lawmakers. Mr. Obama has taken action on 65 percent more economically significant rules in his term so far than President George W. Bush did in the same period.

“The president has no experience in the private sector, doesn’t respect it and doesn’t understand it,” said Mr. Johnson, who was a successful businessman for 33 years before coming to Washington. “This whole administration suffers from economic illiteracy. They come from academia and have all these hair-brained ideas like taxing oil companies to lower the price of gas.”

Should Mr. Obama lose the election in November, it could be “Katie bar the door” during his last weeks in Washington. This administration has 25 significant regulations in the pipeline that would cost the economy $220 billion, according to research from the American Action Forum. These rules include new fuel efficiency standards for cars and light trucks and regulations on dust in the workplace.

I think if the Narcissist-in-Chief loses, Ms. Miller’s fear may be the very best scenario.  I Dictator al-Obamaam far more worried that he will simply declare himself “President-for-Life” like so many of the Banana Republic dictators he adores (c.f. Hugo Chavez).

You do remember “When Congress refuses to act … I have an obligation as president to do what I can without them,” and “I refuse to take no for an answer,” right?  Congress exists, in the mind of King Barak, merely to rubberstamp his decrees and if they have the termitity to object, he will simply ignore them. 

This is what he is willing to do before the election!  What would he do after?  He is perfectly willing to allow hundreds of people to be killed to advance his policy objectives (see #fast-and-furious), threaten the Supreme Court, and run up the cost of energy (see Keystone, Coal Regulations, CAFE, etc, etc).

Ms. Miller, I think the world of you and your series on your struggle with the DC bureacracy to get your pistol permit was a masterpiece.  Your article this morning is overly optimistic.  Obastard will not only try the trash the economy between November 6 and Jan 20, I seriously doubt he will voluntarily vacate the White House.

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This is a real WTF moment and I do not mean “Win the Future.”

 U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano said Thursday that security on the southern U.S. border “is better now than it ever has been” and that violence from neighboring Mexico hasn’t spilled over in a serious way.

What the hell are they smoking in the White House Romper Room?  In addition to inane crap like this, we are increasingly seeing a stonewall thrown up around “Project Gunrunner”  While I am hesitant to suggest that this will be Obumbler’s Watergate, There are several things here that are striking.  

First, the entire imperial Presidency meme that would have people rioting in the streets if Bush has tried it.  “DUDE” doesn’t seem to believe that he is accountable to anyone, least of all not to Congressional oversight of executive actions. 

Second, his hypocrisy knows no bounds.  “The most transparent administration in history”  (borrowed, of course, from Her Majesty SanFranNan Pelosi, she of the “You have to pass it to find out what’s in it” fame) has the most polished lie factory I can remember.  Not even Billy Jeff (I did not have sexual relations with that woman) Clinton lied in such a bald-faced way.

Third, everything B. Hussein Obama does directly weakens the country.  Whether it’s financial (see refusal to address the deficit), reaction to disasters (see Deepwater Horizon),  weakening border security so a nuclear dirty bomb could simply be walked across the border into Arizona or Texas.  The more those states try to tighten up security the harder the administration pushes back.

Impeachment threat was the remedy for Watergate.  It should be the remedy for Obama.  Except he won’t resign.  He will just go into permanent campaign mode and hide on left-wing college campuses (redundancy alert!). 

Our Whiner-in-Chief likes the trappings of the Office, but does not want to do the work, which is why all the real decisions are made by unelected and unrepentant socialists in various cabinet offices.   It’s time to fix the problem.

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Study: $5/gallon gas could overload public transit system in U.S.

Somehow, I think that’s a feature, not a bug of Obama’s energy policy.  Transit systems are usually heavily unionized, built-in cities that are heavily union. 

The scariest phrase in government language, “heavily invest” in public works.

William Millar, president of the APTA, is calling on Congress for investments aimed at addressing rising demand for public transportation:

We must make significant, long-term investments in public transportation or we will leave our fellow Americans with limited travel options, or in many cases stranded without travel options. Public transit is the quickest way for people to beat high gas prices if it is available.
That means you are I are supposed to sign over every penny we have so Obama can pay  off his union buddies and buy his way back into the White House Country Club and Basketball court for another four-year vacation before he goes to become the General Secretary of the United Nations.
Remember five dollar gas is a feature of Obama’s policies, a goal unto itself.  It is not an unintended consequence of his “heavy investment” in increasing the deficit until we are a Third World country.

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So says Cam Edwards on the NRA’s Cam’s Corner show.  So what you ask? 

Well, “DUDE” seems to think bullying in school yard is a crisis of historic proportions that demands “presidential” attention, while the rest of the world burns.  Rush Limbaugh comments,

“Now, where’s the bullying take place? Where is everybody concerned about it? It’s the school ground, right? It’s the schoolyard.  Would somebody please now, in all honesty, somebody explain why this is a matter of concern for the White House, anybody in it? You look at what’s going on in this country and around the world, would somebody explain to me . . . ? You want to talk about bullying, how about what went on in Libya? How about what went on in Cairo? How about what’s going on in Iran? This nation used to stand up to international bullies!”

I grew up dealing with bullies.  I was a gawky deaf kid in a neighborhood intolerant of difference
and where the strong took advantage of the weak.  I learned to stand up for myself.  I learned to often it wasn’t necessary that I actually get into a fight but that I had the reputation of not backing down when someone bullied me.  My mother and father taught me not to start a ruckus, but to sure as hell not back down when someone else started it.

And I survived it. 

Obambi is paid to be President of the United States, not National Nanny. There are people who shoudl be paying attention to the issue – They are called parents.  Bullies are not a Federal problem.  We do not need a Federal Bureau Against Schoolyard Bullies.  We do need parents who are involved in their kids lives.

For Obambi to be wasting his time and our money on fluff like this shows the fundamentally unserious nature of his administration.  He doesn’t want to be bothered with making actual decisions and the hard work of governing.  He wants to be on a perpetual campaign for “higher office.”

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You can thank “DUDE” because he has gone out of his way to make sure gas prices go up.  Remember this is the man who appointed Steven Chu as his Energy Secretary (quick, where in the Constitution does it say that the Federal Government has authority to set up a department of energy?).  Chu said in December of 2008,  

“Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe,” Mr. Chu, who directs the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

You can’t say we weren’t warned.  The Obamnoids have told us they are going to screw us on energy costs and they are keeping their word.  A post over at American Solutions explains exactly how they are doing it. 

President Obama has imposed massive new regulations, restrictions, and even threatened higher taxes on American energy, all of which negatively impact domestic production.

The Socialists are determined to get through by regulatory means what they would never be able to pass in Congress. The only way to stop them would be to defund the regulatory agencies, most of which have no Constitutional justification for existing.  That defunding them is just what Congress ought to do.  I won’t hold my breath though…

Of course while “DUDE” is making it harder and harder for us proles to get around he is winging around the world to the tune of a flight on Air Force One every other day.  Yes, indeed, boys and girls, this same asshole who told us we would have sacrifice, is burning up your taxes at a rate of $181,757 per flight hour.  and it’s going to get worse.  “DUDE” who only spent half his time in last year in Washington, promises to be gone even more in 2011.  Of course he  won’t have to worry about $5.oo a gallon gas, will he?

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Two posts linked at Instpundit have ruined my whole day.  Read them and weep.  Then when you are done weeping, get mad. 

Gangster government, HHS edition

Crushing the Critics

Alway remember that the ultimate goal of fascism is power.  Socialism is fascism.

Update:  The Pilot in the TSA story has set up a website.  Check it out.

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