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US economy added 69,000 jobs in May, fewest in a year; unemployment rate rose to 8.2 percent

Dow takes its worst beating of the year today!  Hope!  Change!  My retirement fund is worth less today than it was when Obumbler took office!  Wow! 

How’s that Hope and Change working out for you?  I’m always totally flabbergasted that there is anyone who thinks Obastard is doing a good job.  31% say the country is headed in th right direction?   WTF?  Do they even stop hitting the bong long enough to look around? Worse than that, who the hell is actually giving money to this guy?  Roger Simon asks, “WTF?” 

[A]ccording to White House Dossier, our president is off to hold six fundraisers in one day. Who are these people that are still giving money to this charlatan? What is their motivation? Cultural suicide? Or are they simply Solyndra-style gangsters looking for a billion dollar handout? Or are they waiting to hear the president’s new plan to “save health care” in his second term?

I suppose it doesn’t help that the Lamestream Media is doing everything they can to protect Dear Leader by trying to hide the bleeding obvious from the witless.  And if hiding doesn’t work, they can always outright lie.  And remember boys and girls… street fighting as a campaign tactic is only bad when Republicans do it!

Not to mention assassination!

 Alas, the “low information voters” (people too busy cashing welfare checks, getting “free” Oabama-bucks, filing for squatter’s rights on property they defaulted, etc.) are the people who may decide the election.  Those people, and of course, dead people and people who are able to vote more than once because they are not required to show ID to vote.

We could probably get some serious power from the energy created by the Founding Fathers spinning in their graves…


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So said Alec Baldwin when Bush won in 2000.  But he didn’t move (alas).   Of course back then, Canada was seen as a socialist paradise and had a failing economy. 

Today Canada’s government is way to the right of Obama and they are creating a free market haven.  One by one, socialistic programs and policies are being jettisoned.  So what is happening?

Canada’s jobless rate unexpectedly declined in May to the lowest since January 2009 as the economy added workers for the seventh time in eight months.

The unemployment rate fell to 7.4 percent last month from April’s 7.6 percent, Statistics Canada said today in Ottawa, as employment rose by 22,300. Economists forecast 20,000 new jobs and no change in the jobless rate, according to the median estimates in Bloomberg surveys.

Of course, the this would be “unexpected” to the Lamestream media.

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Texas is also among the few states that are home to more jobs than when the recession began in December 2007. The others are North Dakota, Alaska and the District of Columbia.

Is commentary even necessary?

But I want to point out something else that appeared at the Daily Caller:

Less than half of African-American men now have full-time jobs, and less than half of all white men will have full-time jobs in 2018, according to post-2000 trends hidden in federal population and workforce data.

So the One’s policies are pretty much guaranteeing that you and I will be out of work before the decade is out.  Combined with paying for ObamaCare with my future retirement, forcing me to have poison mercury dispersal devices (CFL light bulbs) in my home, and all the other liberal BS those 18,000 new federal nannies are cooking up to justify their six-figure salaries, we are pretty much screwed.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2011/06/10/federal-data-shows-troubling-unemployment-underemployment-trends/#ixzz1OtU7qS28

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We warned you.  It is going to get worse.  And will continue to get worse until we replace all the 535 theives in Congress as well as removed that back end of a horse in White House.

Job creation by private companies grew at the slowest pace of the year in May, even while the hiring of temporary census workers drove overall payrolls up 431,000. The unemployment rate dipped to 9.7 percent as many people gave up searching for work.

The economy is headed for another dip in the recession.  The housing market has hit bottom and have broken out the shovels to dig deeper.  But Dear Leader and his merry band of Socialist Buds  are too busy trying to turn this country into Greece to care.

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The behavior of John LaHood and other Obama administration officials seem to be more in line with chicago thuggery than the US President.  The piling on Toyota  by those who run Governmental Motors is unseemly, but apparently having its intented effect.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Toyota said Tuesday it plans to idle production temporarily at assembly plants in Texas and Kentucky while it grapples with massive recalls in the United States.

Toyota spokesman Mike Goss said a plant in San Antonio, Texas, has scheduled production breaks for the weeks of March 15 and April 12. A plant in Georgetown, Ky., has scheduled a non-production day on Feb. 26 and may not produce vehicles on three more days in March and April, Goss said.

Well, the Obamnoids wanted to effect job numbers and they sure did!  We will see how long the layoffs last, but once again we see “change” from the Obama Administration.  It is not good.    This whole thing is entirely their doing.  They created the panic atmosphere.  Instead of driving up sales for Govermental Motors crap they idled hard working people in KY and TX.

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Someone really guessed wrong. So let me see… We were promised the moon if we would look the other way while an unread, undebated bill raised our national deficit higher than all the previous presidents combined was rushed through with a “trust us, we know what we are doing” statement.

Know what? We would have been better off doing nothing at all. come to think of it, that is usually true with most thing Congress rushes to “fix.”

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