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“It’s tempting to speculate that Obama used today’s release to make the birth certificate a bigger story, to distract from the story that the press has spent 39% of its time covering: Namely, the economy.” – Bryan Preston


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“Now that Obama has released his birth certificate, it’s clear why he waited: there was no immaculate conception!” – Dave Converse

To which Glenn Reynolds adds, “That’s sure to disappoint some of his fans.”

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Customers Sue Apple Over iPhone Location-Data Collection

Two Apple customers have filed a lawsuit accusing the Cupertino, California, company of committing violations of computer-fraud laws by recording location data of iPhone and iPad customers.

And they should.  Apple is playing the role of Big Brother here.  All this data would be subject to seizure by the Obama Justice Department and every redneck hick cop in the country.   If you aren’t afraid, you are either in coma, You are in total denial, or you are imbecile. 

I have been reading a bunch of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher books.  The idea if going totally off the grid like Reacher is getting more and more appealing.

More here:

House Republicans on the Energy and Commerce Committee raised concerns about consumer privacy policies at major technology companies in the aftermath of reports that smart phones collect, store, and sometimes even transmit data about users’ whereabouts. 

Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-Mich.) joined four Republicans on his panel in questioning Google, Apple, Research in Motion, Nokia and HP about their privacy policies in letters sent Monday. Press reports about smart phone tracking have largely surrounded the iPhone and devices running Google’s Android software. 

Of course, it is no surprise thet Google would be involved.  For a company that says “Don’t Be Evil”  they do a lot of evil things.  That’s for sure.

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The next time you stifle a little whimper when you fill up at the gas tank think about this:

Thanks to Obama, Gas Jumps in a Flash

Asian demand for energy continues to rise as nations in the far east region — oddly lacking in “stimulus” spending — continue to boom. Supply, meanwhile, has fallen off, not only as a consequence of the turmoil in Libya and other oil-producing countries, but also thanks to the Obama-ordered moritorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico — and the recently ordered moritorium on future drilling anywhere else off the American coastline.

Five dollar a gallon gas is the predictable consequence of Obumbler’s energy policies.  He wants us to pay this.  Anything he says now about how it’s all some price gouger’s fault is pure B***S***. I know the vacillate between thinking he is an incompetent moron and a purely veil Machiavellian Alynskyite, but regardless, nothing out of the man’s mouth can be trusted.  And if the financial chaos he is causing can be shown to be intentional, he should be impeached, arrested, tried and imprisoned for the rest of his miserable life.

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Ramirez, of course…

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It was a long Easter weekend and I stayed far, far away from any news sources.   Alas, the news did not get any better in the interim.  Nevertheless, I hope all (4?) of my readers had a blessed holy weekend.

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I haven;t been over to the Hillbuzz for a while and they have set up a new website.  It’s looks nice, BTW.  This caught my eye while I was there:

Go ahead laugh.  Then cry, because you can believe that the media and the unions will out all stops to be make sure that Obumbler gets re-elected and we get screwed.

You know, I just had a nice daydream.  What if he did get re-elected but with a veto-proof Conservative majority in both houses of Congress (I told you it was a day-dream!).  then we could actually put him on trial for his “high crimes and misdemeanors.”  That would be even better than sending him on a permanent tax-payer supported vacation for the next 50 years.

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