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I don’t care who you are…  (with apologies to Larry the Cable Guy)


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Oh My.  Look at the lines on that… Glock?

the addition of the Monte Cristo cigar hat and the Gadsden Flag seals it.  The Right has the BEST protest babes!

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Of course…

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Palin Derangement Syndrome is a well-documented disorder common on the left, but not unknown or particularly rare among center and center-right people.   It even infects people at the otherwise oft-sane London Telegraph.

Toby Harndon, who often has written really insightful analysis is the latest victim.  He thinks Palin was wrong to make fun of the “Winning the Future” aka WTF line because Palin is a mother!  And the thinks that it’s just fine for the “boys” in the White House’ (or is it the Animal House) to use blue language when the microphone is on, but not for Saracuda!

Puh-lease!  If the over-credentialed Ivy League romper room residents could not see the set up they gave rightwing punditry by using a tag line as easy to mock as “Winning the Future” then they deserve the mockery they are getting now.

Check out the comments to Harnden’s post.  High-larious.

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Quote of the Day

Another spin in the Washing(ton) machine

[Obama] trots out the blatant falsehood that repealing ObamaCare will somehow cost the nation a quarter of a trillion dollars. Right. Fail to spend untold trillions and that will cost a quarter of a trillion that isn’t being spent. – Mike McDaniel at Confederate Yankee

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Good Question

Kevin at Hillbuzz asks:

How can Democrats argue Obamacare is any good if so many unions and Democrat-supporting companies have been exempted from it?

I have been wondering the same thing myself.  Is it me or does that not seem a tad hypocritical?

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I’m In a Mood

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s getting obsessive, but I can’t help it.  I am in a mood to twist liberal stupidity (is that redundant?) to ad nauseum levels.  Per Greg Pollowitz, Keith Olberman is using the intials of Friend of Keith  for his new Tweeter hash tag:  #FOK.

Meet the FOKers, people!

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