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Taking a short break for New Years after this post.  Christmas decorations to take down and a new computer to set up will pretty well shoot the next couple of days.

Something to grin about in the mean time: (all together now…) Ramirez, of course.


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So “DUDE” is on golf round 56. 

After President Obama took to the golf course again on Tuesday, Miller tweeted to her followers, “President Obama played golf today in Hawaii, his 56th round since taking office.”

This prompted PGA.com producer John Kim to reply to Miller, “That’s more than me! But then my job is …golf. Wait, that doesn’t seem right.”

Nope… it don’t seem right at all.  On the other hand when he is on the gold course he is not dreaming up new ways to screw the country over, so who knows… Maybe it’s better that he be there all the time.

But, pace Tony Lee here are some questions:

  • Does Obama golf better than he throws a baseball?
  • Does he tee off on the ladies’ tee? 
  • Why are his golf scores never released?

Maybe we don’t want to know…

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Oh Good Grief…

Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot??? Stephen Gutowski explains:

By the way, in case it isn’t clear, the reason these two liberals want people to believe the constitution is impossible to decipher is because they despise the constitution. Liberals want the government to have limitless power and that is in direct contrast with what the founders designed the constitution to do. Of course the constitution allows for its own amendment but liberal policies simply aren’t popular enough to garner constitutional amendments thus simply ignoring the constitution is the next best step.

The Roman Catholic Church felt that way about the Bible for centuries too.  It took a lot of martrys burned at the stake before the common man was able to read it.  Despots always want to keep the sheeple in the dark.  Of course, because they have dumbed down education so much the average high school student in public school can’t read well enough to read the Constitution anyway.  And, by the way, that’s not a bug, that’s a feature of leftist controlled publc schools.

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Chickens, meet roost:

Federal managers decry end of internship program

The federal internship program that President Obama plans to shut down in March has been criticized by union leaders for “abuses” that led to thousands of new hires that short-circuited the government’s sometimes lengthy process for filling jobs.

But what were abuses to some, including the board that oversees federal hiring practices, were to many managers a welcome system of recruiting the best talent to their agencies. And they say scrapping the program in favor of one geared solely to recent school graduates will leave them at a big disadvantage.

Live by the unions, die by the uni0ns.  Of course, anything that makes it harder to grown the federal leviathan is a good thing.  Still, typical of Obama overreach, he is pissing off the people that strew rose petals on the path to his coronation.  He has  to keep the unions on his side.

Internships are good things.  They provide valuable experience for the intern, and, to be crude, an opportunity for the management to “test drive” a possible recruit.  Pity.

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Do Congresscritters think we are fools?  They must.  Certainly Harry Reid must think so.  How else can you possibly explain the 180 degree flip on the filibuster? 

During Bush 43’s term, Republicans were hell-bent on ending the filibuster. That effort failed, due to the Gang of 14.  Much was made of the “sell-out” back then, but a few quiet voices warned us about “precedent.”  Their view was that if the precedent of Senators protecting the minority were overturned, it would have disastrous consequences when the tables were turned and the party in the minority was voted back into power.

Naturally, the Democrats, led, of course, but Harry Reid, complained bitterly about Trent Lott’s rumblings to used the “nuclear option” to get up or down votes on Bush’s court nominees.  As it turned out, the Gang of 14 derailed that plan and the filibuster survived.  2006 came along and ended the Republican majority and all talk of ending the filibuster – from the Republican side of the Senate at least.

With the coronation of King Barack I, and the steady stream of regulatory abuses rained  (snowed?) down on the citizenry, the few  conservatives actually serving in the Senate tried to use the filibuster to slow down the onslaught.  There were too few of them to actually stand a chance, but the far left wing-nuts were worried.  Once again talk of the nuclear option cropped up, this time from the very people who were screamed foul just three years before. 

Now, with the 112th Congress set to begin meeting on January 3rd, with 53 Democrat votes in the Senate instead of 58 in the previous Congress, the Liberals have realized that overcoming a conservative filibuster will be all but impossible. 

And so, predictably, Harry Flip-Flop Reid is ready with the answer – flip off tradition and precedent and change the rules.

I have no intention of getting bogged down in the pros and cons of this.  Any time you do blow up tradition what replaces it will then become tradition.  And what ever the Socialist Party (aka Democrats) do in this Congress to ram through their agenda will become a road map for the Repuglicans to do the same thing to them in the 113th Congress.  One tends to be gored by one’s own bull.

What takes my breath away is the arrogance and utter hypocrisy the House of Lords show. Do they really think we don’t know that they said three years ago?  Do they really think we are so stupid that we won’t remember their hissy fit when Republicans tried the same damned thing?

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Something Different (or not,  depending on how you spin it)

In a recent poll by online real estate marketplace Zillow.com, most Americans voted Palin in at number two as a neighbor they would like to see move in next door. Sandra Bullock was voted in as the number one person most Americans would want to be neighbors with.

I have a bone to pick with the results though… I would not want Sandra as my neighbor.  On no.  (People who know me understand exactly  what I mean by that! People who don’t know me don’t need to know what I mean!)  I would definitely like having the Palins next door.  Imagine being able to talk guns with neighbor lady!   

Get this bit from the same poll:

The Obamas were also voted the second most undesirable neighbors.

Compare that to W and family.  Would you like to live next 43 and gang?  I sure would.  Billy Jeff – not so much. I have a 17-year-old daughter…

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