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Andy McCarthy reports

Today, New Year’s Eve, while everyone’s attention is understandably on family and friends, we learn (thanks to the ever alert Bill Roggio, reporting on the Standard‘s blog) that the administration has now released Qais Qazali, Laith’s brother, who is the head of the Iran-backed terror network, in addition to a hundred other terrorists. In violation of the long-standing, commonsense policy against capitulating to kidnappers and terrorists because it just encourages more hostage-taking and murder, the terrorists were released in exchange for a British hostage and the remains of his three contract guards (whom the terrorists had murdered).

This people are just incredible.  Good Iranians are dying at the nhands of a murderous theocracy and Obozo releases more terrorists? 



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Life Imitates Parody

From the Onion:

PHILADELPHIA—Michael Vick’s pregame pep talk Sunday, in which he recounted the events of a brutal 2004 dogfight between his pit bull terrier Zebro and rival pit bull Maniac, failed to inspire his teammates in any way whatsoever, Eagles team sources reported.

That would be hilarious if I wasn’t half worried it might be the truth.   Yeaj, Yeah I know.  He is “sorry” – that he got caught.  It is just not right that he is back in the game earning more in one week than I will ever earn in a lifetime. 

Boycott the National Felon Football League.

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This Was Funny Before Yesterday

Chip published this cartoon before Christmas.  It was funny then.  Suddenly its not so funny any more.

I have no doubt the Obamnoids are looking for a way to “incentivize” buying Governmental Moters cars.  Perhaps a 50% surtax on all cars not made by GM or Chrysler?  Hey, it’s the Chicago way!

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Michael Ramirez, of course

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Numerous outlets are reporting the thuggish behavior of TSA agents toward blogger Steven Frischling.  Pajamas Media quotes him as saying:

For Frischling, thinking beyond the immediate safety of his three children — alone with him in the house — was difficult. His wife works at night and was already gone.

“I stood talking to the agents with my three-year-old in my arms,” Frischling told me.

While the agents were intimidating him, he feared if he were to be arrested then his children would be left without a parent present. He telephoned an attorney, who suggested he cooperate with TSA since there was no federal shield law to protect him in matters deemed national security threats. Besides, the agents “made it clear that if I said ‘no’ to letting them have my hard drive, they were going to come back with a search warrant,” Frischling explained.

Of course going after terrorists would be asking them to abandon their efforts at intimidating, inconveniencing and harrassing American citizens who are traveling.  I hope are are all feeling so much safer.

We have a thug-in-Chief as President, surrounded by a collection of thugs, hoods, tax cheats and communisits and we wonder why Federal agencies act this way?

Update: Instapundit says this:

Imagine gang warfare — you don’t take on a gang that can fight back. On the other hand, taking on bloggers has been a bad bet in the past, and so far it’s generating bad publicity for the TSA.

That may be true, as bloggers are showing that they are more than willing to fight back.  Of course, picking off the little guy helps get some court precedence in place.  a few court rulings and soon you have judicially legislated limits on our First Amendment freedoms.  Think it can’t happen?  Two words: McCain-Fiengold.

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The ever provocative Victor Davis Hanson reviews the year.  It’s clear-headed, sobering and infuriating.  A sample:

The old congressional “culture of corruption” has been replaced by the well-meaning efforts of Charlie Rangel, Chris being Chris Dodd, and cranky uncle John Murtha. Controversial decisions are quietly announced late on Friday afternoons. Congressional debates and votes on controversial legislation happen on weekends and holidays — all the better to ensure that the American people won’t tune in to see the making of what they don’t want but must have. Chicago-style bribery buys the votes of senators like Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieu with tens of millions of taxpayers’ dollars.

As they say, read the whole thing.

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That’s how the New York Post describes Napolitano’s handling of Homeland Security.  In a very good editorial, the Post takes the Obama Administration to task.  Besides calling for Napolitano’s firing the editors also point out another inconvenient truth: 

Meanwhile, Brian Jenkins of the Rand Corporation reports 12 incidents of Islamist terror either in the United States or involving Americans abroad in 2009, the most in any year since 9/11. (These include the Fort Hood massacre.) 

See the trend line? 

Obama refuses to. 

That has pretty  much summed up the Obamnoids approach – ignore reality.  Only ideology is important. This mindset leads to “catch and release” with disastrous consequences. It’s notworthy that the New York Times is also underwhelmed with the response:

Let us be clear: the system did not work. It is disturbing that Janet Napolitano, the secretary for homeland security, seemed to suggest, even briefly, that it had.

Evev Maureen Dowd is piling on!  But the response is only the tip of the iceberg of the problem. 

ABC News reported yesterday that two of Abdulmutallab’s Yemeni trainers had been released from Guantanamo Bay to the Saudis in 2007 — and then set free after (no joke) “art therapy rehabilitation.” 

If course the Obamnoids want to release them all or try them in civilian courts.  The result will be predictable:  More attacks, More deaths.  This is either imbecility or treason. 

In case you forgot or never learned, here is what the Constitution says about impeachment: 

Article II, Section 4  

The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors. 

Seems to me that Obama has committed several acts that fit here.  


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