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Some things are just not right…

I’m sure this causee Panda-monium, but elephants should not be cross-dressers!


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Tell It To The Dog

You have a problem with my posts? Tell it to the dog

Actually this picture was from the “Ugliest Dog Contest” I don;t think he’s ugly – I want him in my backyard when someone tries to break in!

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This fellow, sensing an easy mark found out that not all old farts are helpless!

From the Daily Mail (UK)

A knife-wielding burglar had a shock when he attacked a pensioner in his home –
and discovered his victim was a retired boxer.

Senior citizen Frank Corti, 72, a former
junior boxing champion is still a bit handy with his dukes.

And when he
spotted the aforementioned intruder, Gregory McCalium, in his hallway he sprang into action
and delivered two right hooks.

Remember that in UK, people do not have the right to defend themselves, especially not with guns. I wonder if the follow up to this will be that Corti was arrested. Lilly-livered Brits have been known to prosecute people for defending themselves with knives, bats, and other implements. A boxer’s fists are considered deadly weapons.

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Do your favorite movies sometimes seem a bit…familiar? When discussing Harry Potter, do you sometimes mistake Voldemort for Darth Vader? Do Neo’s abilities in the Matrix remind you of the Force, only just a little bit different? Well, you would be right, as the most wildly successful franchises of the last 40 years are basically the same recycled story you have heard over and over again.

I’m trying to find fault with it, I really am!

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Raw Cockpit f Footage of the Blue Angels

I have been a fan of the Navy’s Blue Angels as long as I can remember. I first saw them at Armed Forces Day air show at Andrews Air Force Base. I couldn’t have been more than 7 or 8 but I become a life long lover the all things Navy after that. Enjoy it!

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Charles Krauthammer can usually be counted on to boil a complex issue down to it’s basics. Here’s what he said recently on The Honduras mess

Well, the president has a knack for getting all of these big decisions wrong. Two weeks ago, he refuses to meddle in a country where peaceful demonstrators are getting shot by a theocratic dictatorship. He doesn’t want to choose sides.

And now he’s eager to meddle on behalf of the president in Honduras who is a Chavez wannabe, who is strong-arming his way to a referendum—that has been declared illegal by his Supreme Court—as a way to…establish a constituent assembly which will establish a new constitution, which will be a Chavez-like dictatorship.

Let’s see the scorecard now:

  • Israel – bad
  • Iranian thugs shooting protesters who want real democracy – good
  • Democratic ally who had to remove a Marxist thug who violated their Constitution – bad

I’m really getting annoyed at this guy. Via The Corner

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It’s a crowded field but Ali-Bama and the 535 thieves in Washington keep coming up with some beauts. From the Washington Examiner:

Change – For You, Anyway 1 Obama’s reform plans don’t include himself
The details: In a televised forum, President Obama would not promise to subject his
own family to the same health care restrictions that his reforms might cause for ordinary citizens. A neurologist in the crowd, fearing that Obama’s cost-cutting
plans would make insurers stop paying for expensive procedures, asked Obama the

Sweetheart deal 2 New tax on non-union health benefits
The details: Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont., wants to tax employee health benefits only for non-union workers in order to pay for a national health care
plan. “It’s a means of making sure that unions are foursquare behind any reform
bill,” the Brookings Institution’s Henry Aaron told The Examiner.

There’s more, if you can stomach it.

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